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Super‐sweet and waxy: meeting the diverse demands for specialty maize by genome editing

  作 者:Le Dong Xiantao Qi, Jinjie Zhu, Changlin Liu, Xin Zhang, Beijiu Cheng, Long Mao, Chuanxiao Xie


  刊物名称:Plant Biotechnology Journal

  出版年份:03 May 2019

  doi: 10.1111/pbi.13144

  文章摘要:Maize (Zea mays. L) is one of the most important cereal crops that produce the starch for feedstuff, industrial feedstock and human foods. Maize also provides specialty types, such as sweet corns, waxy corns and baby corns that are welcomed by the consumers (Coors and Lauer, 2001). Sweet corns and waxy corns are derived by modifying the starch biosynthesis pathway in seed endosperms. These specialty corns have recently met increasing demands from the consumer market (Song et al., 2018). To this regard, the availability of necessary genotypes in the background of elite maize cultivars should significantly accelerate breeding efficiency. The recently emerged CRISPR/Cas9 technology provides the potential to achieve such goals in a much faster manner (Dong et al., 2018; Li et al., 2017; Svitashev et al., 2015).


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